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Happy Birthday!

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--- Quote from: Moody on February 11, 2016, 01:00:28 pm ---Do I count?

--- End quote ---
It's you in the Sonic outfit isn't it? xD

Thank you pals. Year in and out you are outright the best companions. You may not realize, but I usually look forward to this day just to thank you, I really appreciate you putting up with me for almost a decade now..

Barry the Nomad:
You are one of the few who truly respect the efforts I go to to find SEGA girls on my work computer, so I look forward to this day just as much! :) Thanks man!

Happy B-Day my homie, crackdude. May we have many more years of sports disagreements. =) Haha

Happy Birthday MadeMan, this is your gift ...

Happy Birthday George!!!

Have an enjoyable day, man ...


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