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Sega Uranus:
Because it is always leveled and is more sensitive and Banana Blitz was a launch title so they have had a lot of time to fix things, like removing the jump?

I think the poor response it has gotten so far has been bullshit. From what I have heard, the music is kind of lame, but the basic gameplay improves on the series in a lot of ways. You can pause to scroll around the environment on easier modes, there is somewhat of a tornado coming off from the end of the level that you can see from anywhere so you know where to go, lots of stuff.

But they removed YanYan and Doctor! They were great characters!  :x


--- Quote from: "jonboy101" ---Don't tell me you're surprised. The Wii Mote controls for Banana Blitz were terrible. Why in god's name would the balance board be better?
--- End quote ---

Yes you are right , but as Sega Uranus explained i was hoping for some improvements.

The Monkey Ball game is not getting low scores for the motion control alone. I just watched a playthrough of the game and it is the easiest in the series. There is not one level I saw that would be tricky at all. Also it is exceptionally short.

They were going solely after children on this one.

It could also be due to the motion controls not working too well on the board, so they made it easier.

Sega Uranus:
Super Monkey Ball has always been a bit too hard I think, especially for the fanbase they want.

It is kind of a screwup though because to my knowledge, this game has less levels than any in the rest of the series, save the portable ones. I am not sure why it is like that...


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