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Impressive! I've pre-ordered both. I don't own a Switch, but I have been pre-ordering games that I think I will play on the system when I end up getting one.
Announcements & Feedback / Re: Some feedback.
« Last post by Barry the Nomad on Today at 09:55:08 am »
I see no problem with the idea, I'll run it past the others and see what they think.

Nintendo Switch version of the game is outselling the PS4 version with a ratio of 10:1.
That is not just double, but that it’s ten times stronger than the PS4 version.
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General SEGA Discussion / Re: SEGA Games List - 2018
« Last post by Berto on August 15, 2018, 09:33:30 pm »
Added Etrian Odyssey Nexus (US, EU) for 3DS on Atlus' section
Release date : February 5, 2019

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General SEGA Discussion / Re: SEGA Games List - 2018
« Last post by Berto on August 13, 2018, 09:20:04 pm »
Added Sangokushi Taisen Roshunosoken for Arcade (JP).
Release date : August 07, 2018

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Everything Else / Re: Introduction thread! - Come and tell us who you are!
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on August 13, 2018, 08:31:22 am »
Hello, I'm Mystic Monkey. I've been here for a few days but yet to properly introduce myself.

I became 30 last January and I still haven't accomplished my lifelong dream of being a great video game developer and producer. When I was little I always imagined myself as one of Sega's "Big Wigs" someday. Such as proposing games, working on said games and be a big-shot game developer.
Kinda makes me wish I was born 10 years earlier, not that I'd imagine it make much difference if I could make games for the Mega Drive.

Right now I'm trying to get into Unity. Actually the main reason I joined was because of my first post I left on The Website of the Dead but if this isn't a place to propose collaboration projects then I won't force it.
Maybe I need to work on my alpha-builds a bit more before my proposals appear more worth while.
Everything Else / Re: BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on August 13, 2018, 07:58:31 am »
It was sort of ritualistic at least traditional to visit your local rental store and pick out a tape or DVD to enjoy with friends or family.

But with the right home setup any night can still be movie night.

My brother set my mothers computer up to work with a projector and we covered the wall over the fireplace with a white sheet of cloth. Now whenever we feel like a movie night we simply put on the projector, turn off the lights, download a movie or find one on YouTube and simply watch it full screen on the projector.

Not as good as a genuine cinema but it is next best thing.

Also, I myself don't have a computer monitor. I'm on my PC, browsing the internet with my HDTV which is better than a cramped monitor.
Announcements & Feedback / Some feedback.
« Last post by CrazyT on August 12, 2018, 11:44:16 am »
Hi guys. So I've been noticing SEGAbits has been growing which probably sounds strange when u see the forums, but yeah the forum has been dying despite SEGAbits growing there which it matters most. Forums have become a dying breed because things become more centralized elsewhere, through social media, youtube comments but also major forums like Resetera take a huge part of the cake because the people are there. There's something I noticed however and maybe something you guys can think about. This forum has a small community but has many sections. I think major forums like formerly neogaf which now is resetera had  the right idea in keeping the section count small.

I honestly think that games discussion should just be one section which should fuse general and classic sega discussion and maybe even offtopic gaming. I mean does it really matter what games we're talking about. The website name will decide the main topics for itself imo. And offtopic can obviously be a section as well. So 2 sections:

-General gaming discussion.
-Offtopic discussion.

It'll help make things in a less active forum to be more centralized hence it'll be easier to sink in. It's something of the time. I feel like people have grown to be used to get information aqap. The more u have on one screen instead of many, the less clicks u have to make  to reach somewhere, the better perhaps. Well anyway sorry for the bad english but I hope it's clear enough. Whadya think Barry, or George.
« Last post by Spock on August 12, 2018, 03:29:32 am »
Does anyone else miss when you could make it a Blockbuster night? I hate Redbox and Netflix for taking away one of my favorite stores.
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