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Re: Trouble with the forums at
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Ever since SEGA left the console business, I've thought as the arcade games as the next best thing (and sometimes a better thing) than a console. I mean, I'd take an hour on a sit-down After Burner Climax machine to all of the 32X library.

It would be awesome if threw more attention towards SEGA Amusements. Make a blog post about a new arcade game, tell people to get off their couches and try out new SEGA hardware in the public space. A little collaboration is VERY easy and really pays off. Why not give a SEGA Amusements staff member access to the blog and allow them to post when something important related to SEGA Amusements is happening? Like when Japanese arcade machines appear in the US, or highlight a unique arcade unit and tell people where they can find it, or announce stuff like Dream Raiders?

True, but i thinking more about the cross promotion across the board. If anyone watches the WWF or WWE now they describe their community,the twitter/socialmedia, fanbase and superstars as the WWE universe and their website is basically the centre of that. Sega has a large community of fans because of their standing in the video games buisness, the amount of franchises that they own and of course sonic. Its more or less is a universe. A Sega Universe but its a universe that's dirfted apart. in the old days it wasn't uncommon for sega to promote their genesis/or saturn games in the USA at one of their arcade centres  or vice versa. When Sega use to own gameworks they didn't do any pf that. They didn't promote any arcade tournaments, they didn't do anything. SOJ website there's always some type of promotion going on for arcade and console. There's some type of encouragement to post your best vids, they even release play thru vids of their various games(usually arcade games) of annaul tournaments that Sega holds. I don't recall anything done like that to promote VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 console release. In the end it comes down to promoting and interacting with your fanbase ALL the time, not when you have a specific title to sell. Link to the other communities of games that sega owns like their websites, instead of having the little sub forums that exist at sega .com now. have a link to the many fan websites like this place that deals with sega or fan sites to sonic. I'm sure that will do a lot of good will with the fanbase and feel that they are being valued. there's lots of things Sega can do. But they wont. Its sad because Sega kinda wrote the book on fan interaction in the first place with megaworld and segavisions and megaplay magazines to the promos and tournaments they use to do with their arcade and console games back in the genesis era.
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Re: Trouble with the forums at
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There are certain arcade games that need to be converted into games on actual home systems. Sega is spending way too much money on new arcade games, when they could be making money with games for systems. There are currently only about four games to be released by Sega. I'm sure they might announce more at E3, but there are far too many games for Sega's arcade market. Back to the original topic, if I would have said that on Sega forums, then they would have issued me a warning for personal attack, since I shared my opinion lol.