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Re: The Fat Plumber Thread
« Reply #270 on: September 19, 2023, 12:19:01 am »
Some newest RPG now let you choose how you wanted to play it.
Persona series for the example.

For those who just want to enjoy the stories, they could pick the safety mode.
Safety mode essentially ensured that anyone could enjoy the release without having to worry about getting a Game Over screen.
Characters would revive automatically if their health hit zero in combat, enemies were significantly weakened, and you'd collect experience points at a much, much faster rate.

In SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2, Phantasy Star II has this mode too.
Too bad it's in Japanese, no English version.
Those settings mostly effect the give or take of values such as damage or rewards. If an RPG uses a complicated growth-system or tangled skill tree I won't have a good time if I can only progress so far without having to figure out how to upgrade.