Author Topic: Vulu movie app (PS3): $6 dollars free (Rent Predators!)  (Read 4387 times)

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Vulu movie app (PS3): $6 dollars free (Rent Predators!)
« on: November 24, 2010, 08:10:34 am »
The player itself is nice I guess. It lets you choose from 1080p streaming to SD. You need a mega connection for 1080p. I ran some videos at 720. You can do 2 minute previews of all movies in any quality to check.

If you sign up (free account) you get 6-7 dollars worth of movie rentals. Worth a try.

 Their player IMO is better than Netflix. It has cool review highlights and even shows you the movies wiki entry. The only issue is that the movies cost too much. 4 dollars for new movies? For one day? 4x that of Redbox?

Come on. Redbox is renting out Physical copies, putting up stands. They should sell SD for $1, all of them and $2 for HD.
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