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Re: Movies Of 2017
« Reply #60 on: July 13, 2017, 09:59:28 am »
So did anyone see Spiderman: Homecoming?

Me? In short it's a good movie. But it does not warrant the 94% on RT and the BO shows it. As a superhero movie, it's average at best. The movie surprisingly works better as a quirky comedy that both embraces and pokes fun at some of the elements in the Spider Man mythos. The villain looks cool, he's actually on par with your standard Spidey villain, no plans to take over the world, he's just a thief who's gunning for the bext big score. And there's a really good plot twist in there too. It often reminds me of those classic movies where kids are tryin' to uncover a mistery while the adults don't seem to mind or don't beleive 'em. However, here's where the movie doesn't deserve it's praise: it's fun, but often times, it feels shallow. Part of it must be Sony holding back, another part of it must be Marvel Studios trying to cram Spiderman's world into a world that already exists and the changes might not be to everyone's liking. Family drama doesn't work because there's nothing there, romantic subplot doesn't work because there's nothing there either and to be fair Parker's motivation to be Spiderman also doesn't completely click. While Robert Downey Jr and Happy are always fun to watch, I think the constant references to the MCU are more distractions than anything else. Like I said, it's a good movie, but not deserving of that rating, methinks.
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Re: Movies Of 2017
« Reply #61 on: July 26, 2017, 11:48:47 am »
Is anyone seeing Blade Runner? I'm am really excited about it.