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I would like to consult with the moderators concerning a download section.
The thing is that i have tons of sega music cd exclusives that no one has on the internet. probably i would be the first one to upload them.

the rules should be clear tho.
only to upload if the copywrite hasnt been extended.(suspended)

so therefor uploading files would be legal since it is suspended in the copywrite law.

thats why i ask with you moderators and owners permission to open either a download section with these exceptional and rare digital items or at least to make a topic that stays on top.

i await your reply

For me I'd like more classic retro sega articles & maybe sections like top 10's... Dreamcast Games... Sonic Games... Sega franchises that should be revived.

Wasn't sure where to post this, so I hope I chose the right spot.

Just wanted to say wow, really nice forum layout. Very well done! Classy.

Barry the Nomad:
This is a really old one actually, lol, but fun to see it again :)

Happy Cat:
Yeah, it's actually an old theme I made ages ago, glad you like it, though! lol I borked the main theme, might be stuck with this one for a while :)


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