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Of course I do! Why if I wanted to I could effectively make all your posts about how much you love British cuisine and how much it is superior to French, especially the Eels.

And yeah, I can see Yakuza 3 getting past 600,000 myself, Yakuza Kenzen did like 40,000 on it's BEST re-release and Valkyria Chronicles did around 80,000 and with Yakuza 3's sales still going strong, it's set for that I think.

Happy Cat:
End of Eternity is selling better then Star Ocean 4  :afroman:

I noticed Japan is starting to hate Tri-ace

Why can't I be an administrator :( I think this is Anglo-American encroachment on the culture of us poor Continental voices.

Speaking of which, what happened to that German fellow?

Well, again, I expect End of Eternity to have a tremendous drop off next week.

Sega in The United States

32 Sonic's Ultimate Megadrive Collection PS3 16,901 362,984
34 Bayonetta X360 16,668 176,523
43 Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics DS 14,783 859,200
63 Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics Wii 12,315 1,180,574
67 Bayonetta PS3 11,573 105,196
104 Sega Superstars Tennis X360 8,359 1,851,912
183 Valkyrie of the Battlefield 5,824 492,393
189 Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz 5,764 831,631

Sega in 8th 189,286

These are unusual numbers, to say the least. I have no idea why the collection is outselling the Olympics. Perhaps the game had a price cut recently?

The Bayonetta numbers are quite discouraging, to say the least. Those are Panzer Dragoon numbers. Hopefully it will have great word of mouth and follow Valkyrie to success.

Is Superstars Tennis still a pack-in or something?

What the hell is Super Monkey Ball doing up there?

Bayonetta's numbers altogether are predicted to do about 300,000 according to some analysts for January, so if it manages around that number, I think it should qualify as a success. This is just it's first month of sale too. SEGA shipped altogether 1.1 million units, 300,000 of those in Japan, so 800,000 between America and Europe. So I think they'll be getting a few more orders from retailers no doubt.

And yes, SEGA Superstar Tennis is a packin in America.


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