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I already got most of the Sega games I want.
Well, yeah. More often's not working too for most of people.

That's why it feels satisfying when it's working.
I tried asking it what it thinks the next Sega console would look like and came up with slightly twisted versions of Sega Saturns.
Could be. Rumoured there's also a spirit girl named Kodama, based on legendary folk stories.

Egg Nation then...

It's also made Switch more comfortable to grab.
Amazon. Or just google "sonic hori split pad pro"

The number of badniks remain same. It feels there are more of them due to the screen is bigger than we're usually playing.

It really does. Even Sonic's 17th Birthday celebration in Phantasy Star Universe feels more satisfying :

I heard he thought Sonic 3 was gonna be in SEGA CD and even spent a lot of time discussing SEGA CD music with Ecco 's music team in SEGA headquarter.
Michael didn't like the way it sound in Genesis, so he said, "Use it all the way you like. No need to credit me."
But it's just via talking, never being written in some sort of legal paper.

It increases the time before Sonic drowns.

Cartoon to promote Sonic games.
Like Sonic Mania Adventures, Team Sonic Racing Overdrive and Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps.
Ah that's all cool.
Inugami Korone Reveals Sonic-Inspired Outfit

Article :
It's easy to forget that while they may seem like regular japanese YouTubers who grew popular over their virtual avatars that they're still a business corporate and likely semi-actors.
I don't think so, black is a color of shadow afterall.

It's a representation of the culprit of every murder mystery.
Unlike novel, since the anime couldn't reveal who he/she is yet (spoiler thing), they replaced him/her with shadow person.
The shadow person will change every episode / sub story of course.
Oh so it was just an anonymous appearance to prevent spoilers of it's own story.
Sonic Speed Simulator (Roblox) - Birthday Update

Play here:
King Sonic!
HYENAS Announcement Trailer - 18+ Version

Sign-up here :
Gives me... Jinx from Arcane and Harley Quinn from Batman vibes.
Because she could perfom it after Super SF II, III, and Alpha series.
It's called Kikouken but still kinda samey with hadouken.

Was it called Kikouken in the movie?
Don't limit yourself like that.
If she's hot and kind, date her!
If the VMU was before her time I'd probably go to jail.
Yeah. Turned out Sonic's not just bring happiness to gamers.
That's good. I especially like how positive it's actors and celebrities around it are. They don't regard it as "another job" or "another paycheck", they love Sonic and genuinely want to give it their all.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: SEGA-Related Comics and Mangas
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Oh, yeah, I forgot, I thought they were in college.
Okay... People in their 20s-40s.
Damn, back to Uncle from Another World, aren't we?

Probably one of the reasons I look forward to it. As much as I'm sick and tired of Isekai anime it be nice to have a change of pace and second chance in life.
May be that riding hood girl just hate selfcest.
The loli succubus and the bouncy succubus in the mirror sharing one soul afterall.
Maybe but no need to go at it branding a knife. It's what words are for.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: SEGA Anime Topic - List & Streams
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Sonic's character design evolution in Sonic Prime (Netflix) :

Source :
Does this confirm Super Sonic in Prime?
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