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The History of Radio En Laigne in France
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French radio satellite Riel is the biggest name in the ecouter radio en ligne satellite industry. From being a small, rural radio station in rural France, it has grown into one of Europe's largest radio stations. Radio En Ligne is the only radio station from France to be listed on the World Media Network's "New Earth" TV show. The station also has won several awards for its programming. The goal of Radio En Ligne/ECI is to be the voice of France and provide an objective point of view to its audience.

The story of Radio En Ligne/ECI began several years ago when, the director of the station, Paul Henri Spa told his friend, Pierre Prosper, that he wanted to launch a music radio station in the countryside of France. The only thing to do was to find a proper location. Paul Henri decided that the best place was the Loire Valley. The area had rich fertile valleys and a great radio reception. He also knew that Loire was not as crowded as other areas of France.
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