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Barry the Nomad:
I'm certain every reader of SEGAbits have noticed the new rotating banner up top. At the moment, we have 56 banners representing SEGA games and consoles. However, we'd like to see many many more. Problem is, not every game has high res art to go with it.

This is the topic where readers can share high res art that they've found, and can give a shout out to a franchise that they'd like to see given a banner. Ideally, the art is hand drawn, digitally drawn or is a render. We'd like to stay away from screenshots.

I know no reader can know exactly what game has a banner, given the nature of how the rotation works, so I'll be happy to give the "yes, that already has a banner" or "no, that doesn't have a banner" answer.

Currently, I'm in need of some high res Virtua Fighter 1 and 2 art. So if you know of any, please point me to it!  8)

Here's a couple sites with lots of VF images:

Saturn Cover Scan:

VF2 Poster:

It'd be nice someone shared the VF CG Portrait series of CD-ROMs, but I've only seen the covers.

I found a Fighter's Megamix advert in an old Gamepro with lots of VF and Fighting Vipers drawings, I'll scan it some time later today.

Emmett The Crab:
Space Harrier

Barry the Nomad:
Thanks Emmett! Added two Space Harrier banners. Typically, we want one banner per game, but there was too much awesome in both Space Harrier pics to choose.

Added new banners:
Gunstar Heroes
Last Bronx
Space Harrier
Dynamite Cop

So be on the lookout for them! Some look pretty damn slick.

Happy Cat:
I demand iizuka-san be put on that banner with the other famous SEGA devs where there is blue circle lights in the background


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