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Barry the Nomad:
After a month of collecting applications, asking for sample articles, holding rose ceremonies, sitting in chairs that spin forward when hitting a button, completing physical challenges, and holding zero background checks we are happy to announce that the three new writers joining the SEGAbits front page team are: Moody, FlareHabanero and Adam Duffield!

Many of you likely know Moody and FlareHabanero, as both have been forum members for a while. Adam has been active on our comments section since as far back as 2011. All three proved their SEGA knowledge in their applications and in their sample articles. We are very excited to welcome them aboard!

All three will have a formal announcement on the front page and on social media next week, right now we're just getting them set up with accounts and letting them click around WordPress. But I just wanted to congratulate them. So... congrats!

i celebrated by trying to rickroll george and got no response

Congratulations! :D

Thank you so much!

I don't know what I'm going to do exactly, but I want to focus on the niche of writing for Japanese news more and original articles.

Also wanna say hi to the newest SEGAbits writer ..... BIG ELK.
Welcome Big Elk!
He does amazing job writing all of these...


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