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Barry the Nomad:
Hi all! Happy almost 2022! Just wanted to leave a quick post about the occasional spam bots. I do see your reports and have been banning bots and their topics. I have in place every tool to curb spam, but they still slip through. I believe right now we have: 5-10 trivia questions, a captcha, email confirmation, inability to make posts until they make X number of comments. But still, they will work it out and make accounts. Sadly, it's impossible to block them all unless we did the Sonic Retro route and had a whole confirmation process, but that takes so much time on my end and curbs casual members from making forum accounts.

While I know forums aren't as trendy as discord or social media, just know we plan to keep these up and will kill the bots when reported! The topics are a great resource for fans, and there is actually a lot of traffic from lurkers.


Hi Barry, Happy New Year 2022 too!
Thank you for removing those spam bots.
The latest 5-10 trivia questions prevention already worked great I think,
the spam bots weren't as much as 2019,
but it's nice to see more preventive acts..
Once again, thank you.

Glad to see that this place isn't turning into lowyat forums and it is also good to see Barry posting here again. Happy New Year!


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