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Everything Else / Re: ice cream
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 09:31:21 am »
I don't really have a favourate, but I like Cornetto icecreams due to they're practically design to be less drip when they melt.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: SEGA Anime Topic - List & Streams
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 09:28:36 am »
Any invention was in fact developed by several inventors if it's being backtracked.
They improve, add, or make another function from what other has found before.
Nobody creates any thing from nothing.
I won't deny Thomas Edison had an understanding of science and invention, but he was still primarily a businessman over inventor.
Too bad she only had one episode focused on her, right? Or more than one, I forgot.
I dunno. Sonic X and SOnic Boom are the only Sonic shows I can't be bothered to rewatch.

I do like Diamond Terminal, its look somehow reminded me of Sonic Adventure.
But hearing that the task is we must activate 30 Switches across the level sounds exhausting enough.
The thirty switch task and the twenty purified pearls task I found fun because it wasn't a high number and was spread out enough to encourage me to explore the place. But the 150,000 uncut diamond task I was quickly bored of it because it was just another grind/fetch quest. I guess you're suppose to collect the diamonds along the way of the other two tasks but there was so many diamonds to collect and so many diamonds everywhere that I doubt these uncut diamonds are as valuable as we thought if they're that common.
Theme park is sometimes associated to Disneyland, so I can see Disney would still unhappy about this, lol.

Well what can do they about it? Mickey Mouse is public domain! Haha!
Hot Wheels Sonic and Tails are Out Now in Japan!

Link :
I probably already mentioned this a few pages back on this thread but I was thinking what if Sonic Team made a electronic toy to rival the Lego Mario toys. But given Lego is more for blocks and which fit Mario's style I was thinking they could promote with HotWheels given HotWheels like making race tracks with loops and such just like zones.
Dunno why those ugly coloured cars when they could of used the cars from Team Sonic Racing but oh well.
Taste differs I guess.
Without nose, he always reminded me of Krilin.

Can't have Sonic games without all of those, can we?
It's really a new normal.
Yet no one ever picks apart Mario games.

Garfield is faking it, the faker.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: New Yakuza
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 09:05:53 am »
Speed Battle and Dash constantly on top downloads (by number of download), but from money revenue it had hard time reaching SEGA's Top 10 mobile games.
And control-wise, Speed Battle and Dash' touch control would be weird on PC.
SEGA's mobile games that also have PC version (Yes, SEGA do have them but JP only for now : Chain Chronicle, Net Mahjong MJ, and YAKUZA Online) has touch control that's basically could be replicated easily with mouse.

Speed Battle and Dash controls could easily be translated to arrow keys or WASD.
📣SEGA Mega Mix Sale underway📣

Link :
I don't want to miss it but I already have all the Sega games I want.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: SEGA-Related Comics and Mangas
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 09:03:42 am »
Because we are humans.
Animals probably could detect them with sniffing.

Link :
I guess so. But Sonic's friends put themselves out there all the time so the danger is usually shared.
Other than this one, yes :

Also it looks like the AI couldn't detect character's age.
Pai looks a lot older here :

This one reminds me of Charlie Sheen a bit.

There are two of Sonic for SEGA Saturn in the work, but I'm not sure from where they use the basis of the games.

The first is Sonic Ringworlds
The developer intended to bring a Sonic Adventure inspired sonic game to the system that really needed it since the very beginning.

Download the demo here :
It does look very impressive and shows what  Sega could of done with Sonic at the time.
The second one is Sonic X-Treme homebrew.
The developer intended to bring a what could have been if  the canceled Sonic X-Treme was ever released.
This one probably used Sonic X-Treme (did it even exist?) as basis though, not from Sonic R or Sonic World, but I'm not sure about it.

Download the demo here :
I'm rather meh at Sonic X-Treme remakes because they don't really incorporate what Sonic R and Jam demonstrated what they can do with the Saturn.
Both of them are still in the work and I don't think that it will ready soon since Saturn is an absolute nightmare to program for.
We're talking two CPUs, two video chips, and a custom DSP - not to mention it draws polygons with rectangles instead of triangles, so very rarely anyone make a homebrew game of it.
I see. Other than Sonic 3D Blast I always wondered why Sonic Team couldn't make a decent Sonic game for the Saturn despite games like Sonic Jam's Sonic World and Sonic R being proof of concepts. I mean I know all about the development hell Sonic X-Treme went through, with Yuji Naka refusing Sega of America to build from his NiGHTS engine, I dunno why there was a regarded rivalry between SoJ and SoA to make him decide that. But imagine a Sonic game with stages developed like Sonic R but gameplay like Sonic World.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: The Fat Plumber Thread
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 08:50:11 am »
Isekai genre is indeed really popular...

The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Official Teaser Trailer
I'm kinda curious where all that lava is coming from. I mean that floating landmass is not connected to the Earths core yet it is spilling out magma everywhere and it makes me wonder if the Koopas need to replenish the volcano with rock or heat or something?

But then again there appear to be floating islands with waterfalls so magic I guess.
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