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Molyneux: Fable 3 news at X10 will make you 'super pissed'

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--- Quote from: "Sega Uranus" ---I assume it is going to play nothing like the previous games then.

But gotta love Molyneux, he is really just one of the most interesting people in the industry, and he really always has interesting ways to describe stuff. I could listen to the man talk about a glass of water for seven hours.
--- End quote ---

I agree, I also really admire his ambitions and really enjoyed Fable and Fable 2.

People say that he's full of himself, but listening to him talk about Fable 2, he was really quite humble and downplayed a bit of the hype around the game, which is why i get annoyed when people bash him for 'over promising'.

Well either way, I remember hearing Fable 3 would put the player in role of King. RTS Fable?

Never got to lay the Fable series, but the guy is a very cool dude.

He did B&W too right? I couldn't see the point in that game.


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