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Sonic Official - Season 7 Episode 16

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Persona 5 - Joker PVC | Definitive Edition Showcase


Definitive Edition Showcase: This edition features a larger resin base that draws inspiration from the pivotal moment of Joker's persona awakening, vividly depicting the engulfing blue flame and chains—a recurring thematic element in the game. The blue flame comes with LED light-up function. Surrounding the base are the masks of the Phantom Thieves.
Share your favorite Persona for Joker in tough boss battles. Why is it your top choice?

Sign up here ( and get $10 off once preorders are open!

Check out the F4F Official Collectors Club ( to stay in the loop for this and other releases from First 4 Figures!
Preorders open on 5th December 2023.
Pricing will be revealed on launch day.
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Hatsune Miku 16th Anniversary bust figure!

--- Quote ---We had to do a triple take on this Hatsune Miku 16th Anniversary bust figure!
It's a noodle stopper figure, a really large one! 🙃🍜👍

No matter the instant ramen, Miku has you covered!

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🎶Hatsune Miku Series Scenery Dome -Performance of the Seasonal Story- 4Pack BOX (RE-MENT) Pre-order open!!🎶

--- Quote ---Lineup:
1, Spring is here.
2, Memories of summer.
3, See you in the fall.
4, Wish on a winter night.
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🎶Hatsune Miku Series Miku's Cafe 8Pack BOX (RE-MENT) Pre-order open!!🎶

--- Quote ---    All 8 types can be collected by purchasing 1 BOX.

1, Reservation is perfect! Let's go inside!
2, Feast mu eyes is a space full of oshi!
3, Double the taste when eating together!?
4, Sweet time with the tea set
5, Melted cream pancake
6, Very satisfaied! Hanbuger plate
7, Cannot decide which to eat first!
8, Can't miss the limited goods!
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