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SEGA VS Fighting Games - "Better run home to mama now!"

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✨Up to 80% off at SEGA Publisher Sale✨

--- Quote ---🎮Sega Publisher Sale February 2024 will last for 2 amazing weeks between Feb 14th (Wed) and Feb 28rd (Wed)!
Click link below to enjoy the sales: 👇

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“TANITA CUP 2024” will be held by TANITA!

--- Quote ---Takenobu Mitsuyoshi from SEGA will appear as a special guest.
Also on sale will be the ``Virtual-On Collaboration Pedometer'' and ``Twin Stick Acrylic Stand,'' tournament commemorative items whose designs were supervised by Sega's Yasuhiro Mori.
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SEGAbits Presents Arcade Adventure 2: Arcade meetup at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL on April 27, 2024

--- Quote ---It’s the sequel you’ve been waiting for: SEGAbits Presents Arcade Adventure 2! Meet up with fellow SEGA fans at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois on April 27th, 2024 to play hundreds of arcade games in the world’s largest arcade!
This event requires no advance ticketing or advance access, simply show up to the arcade and pay them $25 for all day play. The arcade is open from 11am to 2pm the following day, and you are free to come and go as you please – just hang on to that receipt. The meetup will take place between 1pm and 6pm and will feature impromptu tournaments, arcade and world record attempts and the chance to meet and hang out with fellow SEGA fans.
Want to grab ...
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Eternal Champions (SEGA Genesis) - Easy Mode Hack

--- Quote ---This is a reduced set of improvements made by BillyTime! on its “Eternal Champions - Special Edition”.
It contains only few tweaks to the original difficulty (no changes to Inner Strength, combos, etc).

Version 1.1 :
- Default difficulty for Contest is now 4 (instead of 7 from original game, 2 from BillyTime! hack)
- Easier overkills
- Single player now restores health bar on final boss fight after each “form”
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Download the patch here :


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