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Rumor: Sega Really Is Planning A New Virtua Fighter Release

--- Quote ---• It is online and esports focused and has online and offline modes including customization modes.
• There are new characters with a modern art style and character artist.
• It is a game concept that changed many times since 2021 up to now.
• Streaming and spectating implementation is an important part of this title and Super Game concept.
• It is a reboot of the Virtua Fighter series in development by current Virtua Fighter staff.
• It is a title releasing on all major platforms with crossplay and rollback.
• It is a ...
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SEGA Celebrates International Women's Day 2024!

--- Quote ---Happy International Women's Day 2024!
Today we’re celebrating our powerful cast of female characters!
Can you spot your faves?
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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax / Persona 3 Yukari Fan Art by Gravy Dood


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Aigis EX Orgia Mode Figure Will Return

--- Quote ---Due to popular demand, Icrea and Atlus announced that the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Aigis EX Orgia Mode figure is coming back. A new batch of pre-orders is now available for the limited edition version of the Aigis figure, and it costs 35,200 yen (or approximately $238.)
The limited edition of the figure includes a rubber mat featuring an illustration of Aigis’ EX Orgia Mode as a bonus. Pre-orders for the figure are now open from the ...
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Wrestle War's Unauthorised Hulk Hogan Cover Got Sega Into Legal Trouble

--- Quote ---The company was literally learning as it went along – and that sometimes meant making fairly obvious mistakes.
"I remember we were working on a game called Wrestle War, and I was walking by the artist's working area he literally had a photograph of Hulk Hogan in one hand and was painting Hogan as the cover of this game.
Mike Fischer said, "you know, I think there might be a copyright issue. I'm not sure if you're allowed to use his image."
He basically shut the door on my face.
And then, of course, we shipped it and immediately got sued.
And if you look at the UK version, they've just painted his blonde hair over with ..."
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