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SEGA VS Fighting Games - "Better run home to mama now!"

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth details minigames
Play SpikeOut, SEGA Bass Fishing, and Virtua Fighter 3tb in the arcade.

--- Quote ---Turn the island from rock bottom to high-end resort!
In the wake of unforeseen developments, Kasuga finds himself responsible for breathing new life into Dondoko Island, a place that has unfortunately become the local landfill.
Kasuga teams up with mascot characters Gachapin and Mukku to transform the island from scrap heap to five-star resort. Bash garbage scattered around with a bat to find resources, which can be used in DIY. Construct furniture and buildings, such as cabaret clubs and convenience stores, to improve the infrastructure of the island.
As the island develops, more and more guests will come to visit and stay. Producing more souvenirs and offering local specialties will boost the island’s popularity. Defend the island from the ...
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SEGA Filed Trademarks Of Classic Titles : Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, Jet Set Radio, Eternal Champions

--- Quote ---With these trademarks being filed publicly, we might see more games in development from SEGA down the line or it could be something completely different from what we could expect.
Following up with the recent announcement during the Game Awards, SEGA has filed four trademarks of their classic IPs which includes ...

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Article :
Eternal Champions art by Jiggeh :

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax / Persona 3 Aigis Fan Art by Alex


Persona 4 Golden / Arena Ultimax Teddie Pillow Plush!

--- Quote ---After a late night sleuthing around in the Midnight Channel, we know the only thing you’ll be looking for is a soft place to rest your head.
Luckily our Persona 4 Golden Teddie Pillow Plush is here to help.
He’s so soft and comfy, you’ll bear-ly believe it!
pick yours up today!

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Power Instinct 2 comics by Atlus development staff, from 1994.

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