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Sega Dreamcast Heroes - From 9.9.99 till Now The Challenge Will Always be There!

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Wingman SD Review
Use Modern Controllers & Arcade Sticks on SEGA Dreamcast & Saturn

--- Quote ---Let’s take a deep dive into what the Wingman SD Converter offers and if it fulfills all the promises it makes.
According to the site the device offers the ability to use modern game pads and fightsticks along with rumble support and a full memory card for the Dreamcast.
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Capcom leak reveals Power Stone Remake in the works

--- Quote ---Recently someone hacked Capcom and got terabytes upon terabytes of hidden company data, including the source code to a lot of Capcom games.
It looks like the hackers will slow drip information on Capcom games and one of the new updates is some of the games that the company is working on.
One of the big ones that most SEGA fans will be into is a ‘Power Stone Remake’ which was slated to release in Q3 2024, so years off.
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SNK Atomiswave Arcade Ports For Dreamcast

--- Quote --- It looks like those SNK Atomiswave arcade ports continue to pour in for the SEGA Dreamcast.
Some of them are from Sammy, including Rumble Fish that's later ported to the PlayStation 2 by SEGA.

Here's the list of SNK Atomiswave Arcade Ports games so far :

1. Rumble Fish
2. Rumble Fish 2
3. Hokuto no Ken / Fist of The North Star
4. Demolish Fist
5. The King Of Fighters NeoWave
6. Samurai Shodown VI
7. The King Of Fighters XI
8. Neogeo Battle Coliseum
9. Guily Gear X
10. Guilty Gear Isuka
11. Maximum Speed
12. Faster Than Speed
13. Dolphin Blue
14. Knights of Valour The Seven Spirits
15. Metal Slug 6
16. Sushi Bar
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Rez Producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi Working on
a “New Adventure with Synesthesia” with Enhance Games

--- Quote ---While Mizuguchi’s works have focused on music-puzzle games, he has also been the producer on a hack and slash game (Ninety Nine Nights), and several racing games (Sega Rally Championship, Manx TT Superbike, and Sega Rally 2).
As such, when Mizuguchi says “adventure,” he may very well be hinting at the game’s genre.
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Blue Submarine no.6 ~Time & Tide~ - 100% Complete English Translation

--- Quote ---Game is fully translated to English thanks to a great job by Rafa - our brilliant translator.
Menus, descriptions, gameplay graphics, all dialogs, audio dialogs scenes, all movies and VMU icons - all in English.
Added the bonus - all DLC archive saves available directly from “Internet” option. 
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