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Space Harrier - Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! Get Ready!

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Happy 20th Birthday, Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 4: Space Harrier (PS2)! 🎂

--- Quote ---Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 4: Space Harrier (PS2).
This game is a remake of the original 1985 arcade release of Space Harrier, namely one which replaces the scaled 2D sprites with 3D textured models.
It tweaks some of the levels, remixes the music and adds a lock-on feature similar to Panzer Dragoon, but is otherwise mostly the same game.
"Fractal" mode removes the checkerboard floors and replaces them with more realistic scenery.
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ASURA THE STRIKER - Free Trial Version is now available on steam!

--- Quote ---Operation Description
- ASURA OPERATIONS - Move with the left stick or D-pad. However, when in neutral, it automatically returns to the center. - Energy Shot - Attack with the shot button.
- Shining Knuckle - Press and hold the punch button, then release to punch.
- Lightning Over Drive - Pressing the slow button slows down the flow of time except for ASURA. It will not be available when the lower gauge remains low.

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Several Sega Forever mobile games unceremoniously delisted + End of Service announcement

--- Quote ---The games that are no longer available to download, at least on Google Play, are

Ristar Classic
Kid Chameleon Classic
Phantasy Star Classics (Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III, and Phantasy Star IV)
Vectorman Classic
Decap Attack Classic
Gunstar Heroes Classic
Dynamite Headdy Classic
The Revenge of Shinobi Classic
Comix Zone Classic
E-SWAT: City Under Siege Classic
Beyond Oasis Classic
Altered Beast Classic
Space Harrier II Classic
After Burner Climax (This one was already delisted sometime a long time ago, but it’s still gone)

If you downloaded any of these games before, you should be able to download them again as they’ll remain part of your Google or Apple account. If you had previously paid ...

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ASURA THE STRIKER - Official Trailer 3

Wanna hear more about Air Twister?

--- Quote ---Good timing, The Sixth Axis and Touch Arcade recently had an interview with the famed Yu Suzuki - and they're happy to share with you all.
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