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--- Quote from: Mystic Monkey on December 01, 2021, 07:32:17 pm ---Yep. As well as Golden Axe Beast Riders and I think Iron-Man game. To me it was less of a merger and more of a consumation. Sammy devoured Sega and redistribute what was left of them to other subsidiaries Sammy owned. They kept the name "SegaSammy" and made a new "Sega" to continue the video game business with but this new Sega was more of a Frankenstein of Sammy's subsidiaries. But yeah Sonic '06 was the first Sega game after the merger, and you can tell it shows for it to this day.

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Unlike Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed,
SEGA even delisted Sonic '06 from XBox shop.
Guess even SEGA themself is ashamed of how the game turned out to be.

Popona (The Publicist in Celebration version) is Now Playable in Idola Phantasy Star Saga Global

--- Quote ---The Aries Chivalric Order publicist Popona dressed up for the anniversary celebration.
It is said that she bought a new formal with her private money specially for the party celebrating the anniversary.
Of course, Hatosuke, her partne in crime, has put on the same suit.
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Character stats :

Roxanne (EX version) is Now Playable in Idola Phantasy Star Saga Global

--- Quote ---Brought up in the Diadem Desert, Roxanne is a real desert resident.
Merchant by profession, she leads caravans across the desert which connects the East with the West.
As an archer, her combat ability is pretty good.
She knows martial arts and uses it to fight off thieves attacking the caravans.
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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Global - NGS Headline (12/7/21)

Idola Phantasy Star Saga - New Brigade Missions are Now Available!
Missions ended on 2021/12/21

--- Quote ---Stage 1 Missions :
1. Defeat Flame Kuat x150 in quests
2. Gain Mucoid Silk x10 from quests
3. Defeat 500 characters in the Arena
4. Attack 30 time(s) in the Brigade War
5. Challenge Fire Element Idolas 200 time(s) in the Idola Battle
Stage 1 Completed Reward : Symbol Gacha Ticket
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