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New Skies of Arcadia Collectible Statue for Aika preorder opens next week!

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Great news for Skies of Arcadia fans!  :))   If you haven't already heard, renowned collectible statue company First4Figures is opening preorders next week for a new officially licensed Skies of Arcadia statue featuring everyone's favorite pig-tailed cat-thief sky pirate, Aika!

Here are some teaser videos on F4F's official Twitter:

They're also hosting a giveaway for one lucky fan to win this statue, details here:

You can also join their Facebook Official Collector's Club for more details:

It's not every day that we get incredible new collectible merchandise for a beloved cult-classic Sega Dreamcast game like Skies of Arcadia, and if the sales for this statue perform well they may continue producing more statues for this game series and in their "Sega All-Stars" line of statues (they've already had Jet Set Radio, Virtua Fighter, Shenmue and more, and of course they're already famous for their ongoing line of Sonic statues), so share and spread the news with everyone you can.  Thanks and have a great day, pirates!  ;-D

Dayumn, Aika looks really hot here. Thanks for sharing, Fledge.


--- Quote from: Berto on September 17, 2021, 09:34:02 pm ---Dayumn, Aika looks really hot here. Thanks for sharing, Fledge.

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LOL glad to share, I think her statue looks fantastic too, the design is actually based on official art of Aika by the Skies of Arcadia character designer Itsuki Hoshi from back in the day:

Yeah, they nailed the expression nicely. I was kinda worried about her mouth.


--- Quote from: Berto on September 18, 2021, 08:12:22 pm ---Yeah, they nailed the expression nicely. I was kinda worried about her mouth.

--- End quote ---
It was definitely a process!  ;-D   First4Figures is very unique in that they interact directly with their customer base, in their Facebook Original Collector's Club they actually ask members for feedback on their development so often people will give suggestions to improve or expand on what they're doing.  In the case of Aika's statue there was quite an evolution, here's a picture showing how her face changed over time from original model, to tweaked version, to final prototype, to physical statue:

I really think they've done an amazing job, and it feels great for the community to be a part of that process and have a hand in a statue's development, it's part of what makes F4F the best in the business.
It's honestly so exciting, and today's the day the preorder's open!  I might even buy two to give one as a present.  :-D


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