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Game Informer March 2010 (Includes AVP)

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Dissapointed with AVP score. I'll download the Demo and see what I think before I make a decision on the game though.

I think some reviewers will already have their minds made up about the game before even playing it.
If you take it for what it is, I think you'll have a fun experience. At least from what I've been reading..

Well I tried the demo but after five mins of waiting in a lobby I gave up and deleted it.

For a magazine that gave a 7 for Lair, they seem pretty harsh nowadays.

I've tried tracking that review down but I can't seem to find that link.

Anyhoo, I'll wait till the Sega Bits review to weigh in on this.

If this is accurate, I might as well pre-order Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing.

Sega Uranus:
Surprised by AvP and Divinity II's scores. I am going to try out the AvP demo soon though, but I have heard a lot of poor responses so far.


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