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Happy Cat:
Update: You can now post again without having to worry about losing your posts!

We are doing some database related stuff, so some posts you make may not end up staying.

Sorry I can't give you an exact time, it's just the way the circumstances are.

so if you make a long post. back it up if you don't want to write it again.

Thanks :) and sorry for the inconvenience.

Barry the Nomad:
No! So we might lose stuff like:

Yo shadi i think thats jus plain rude u be deleten peoplez postz y u be doin that? its just that i gotta lotta say n u be dizrespectin mah wordzzzz

shadi is meen and meen is he
he be deletin shizz like a deleten king

he dont lie when he hatez da wii
nintendough iz in jeperdy

Happy Cat:
I've also closed the comments section on wordpress for non-staff users the time being, so don't panic if you can't comment on an article. Same thing I posted earlier applies to the front page too.

Happy Cat:
database work is done, you can now post without worry!

Barry the Nomad:
Comments for articles back on?


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