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Youtube video embeds are back

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Happy Cat:
Maybe you were wondering what happened to the youtube embeds we used to have. Well i upgraded the forum one day, and accidentally over wrote my script i made. and i couldn’t figure out how to do it again, well they are back finally, in a different way

this time they are parsed automatically so you don't have to press any weird buttons to go about press to make youtube videos embedded.

You need to have javascript enabled or else the URL's won't change to youtube videos for you. Big thanks to my friend ingolme for helping me out with the javascript and regular expressions, would of never gotten this done on my own. I was struggling so bad, heh

anyways, just paste a URL, and it works! (it wont work in previews though, you gotta post it to see it working)

you can go ahead and post a video in this topic to try it out if you want

Edit: Please note that the URL's won't change into videos if your browsing space is less then 960px wide.

Barry the Nomad:


it works

Happy Cat:
hmm its quite annoying on mobile when you zoom in. makes it hard to scroll. will need to figure something out.

Happy Cat:
Okay I tweaked the video size, so they aren't as needlessly tall.

Also, if you are on a device with a resolution less then 960pixels wide for your browsing window space, the URL's won't convert over to videos.


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