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 :) I'm enjoying it, be happy Will ;)

Happy Cat:

--- Quote from: Deefy on December 24, 2013, 03:13:29 pm --- :) I'm enjoying it, be happy Will ;)

--- End quote ---

Heh, thanks deefy :)

I've changed the music, thought it would be fun to change things for variety, keeps things interesting. I'll change it each day up to new years eve

Happy Cat:
this is me rightnow:

Sorry guys XD it's just for one day. I couldn't help myself. Was having too much fun with jquery

besides, no one is nice anymore, everyone is naughty :D

if you hate it that much you can turn off javascript or something along those lines.

Happy Cat:
Alright guys, if you saw the latest shenanigans, and it upset you, then I apologize. I was feeling really mischievous last night xD and I really shouldn't of done what I did, but i was dying of laughter.

If you missed the fun i took some screens

basically some text flashed across the screen of Santa talking about you being naughty, and then the site transformed to minecraft, and idea was he was punishing you with mining coal in minecraft xD. had minecraft on my mind. I hope at least someone got a laugh out of it

anyways, i wanted to make it up to anyone who was really bothered by it, so I got the snow effect working much better, and if you click the ideya you'll get a nice little surprise :)

Merry Christmas! :D

Shadi: SEGAbits's own personal Krampus. Awesome. XD


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