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SEGAbits & Segalization Partnership announcement


Happy Cat:
I know there is some people who post here on the forums that don't check the front page, So I'm putting the news here too so you are aware and can check it out

--- Quote ---Hi SEGAbits readers! Some of you may have heard about Segalization, our new fan campaign that focuses on promoting the localization of Japanese Sega games. The project has already gone live a while ago, and today we’d like to formally announce a new partnership with our friends at SEGAbits. Other than having both websites link to each other, this partnership means you may find Segalization staffers occasionally contributing articles to SEGABits, which may or may not involve titles or news related to Segalization’s mission. In this first article, we’d like to talk a bit about the origins and goals of our campaign/website.
--- End quote ---

Very cool, congrats guys, SEGAbits is a success!

Thanks again, SEGABits! =)


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