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Registration is Disabled, Want to Join? Read this!


Barry the Nomad:
Hey! So yes, we still have a forum! While much of the internet have moved on to social media and Discord (which we have a presence on!), we kept our forum as it was and is still an important part of Unlike Discord, it is the ideal place for users to keep track of and archive yearly game releases.

Regarding new users! Over the past few years we have had to beef up security for registration, adding more questions to answer and images to decipher. But it seems that despite this, spam users (who we suspect are often real people and not bots) find their way in and junk up the forum. As such, new member registration is CLOSED.

Still want to join the forums? It's easy. Click the "Contact" link at the top of the page. Send us a message asking for forum membership. We will reply back to you and ask some questions to be sure you are not here just to post spam. From there, we will decide if you get to join or not.

That's it! Thanks and happy 2023!


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