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General Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star - Official Thread
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 07:40:19 am »
I have a theory on why male CASTs look like gundam robots while female CASTs look like beautiful women... other than PSCrew being horny.

What if male CASTs are CASTrated?

What PSO1 and PSU CASTs were confirmed to be all machine, PSO2 CASTs are able to use Techniques and this is explained that CASTs were once humans with extreme potent for photons to the point it's a deadly strain on their organic bodies. To save them, I presume their brains and some of their organic parts were placed into specially designed androids. So they're more cyborg than robot.

My guess the reason why female CASTs appear more human than the males is because they still have functioning organic uterus. That while mostly mechanism there is stilll enough organism in them to support life.
Males with exterior reproductive organs however maybe unlucky, that what's left of them inside the CAST is not enough to maintain healthy sexual organs, thus removal of them is necessary.

Whoever was in charge with turning humans into CASTs probably figured "The men can't reproduce so might as well make them all-out look like robots. Women however can preoduce so they will need to retain their sex appeal."
And just because male CASTs don't have their genitals doesn't mean they are all aromantic. Some can perhaps still form relationships with other CASTs or the other three -man races, they just won't have any sexual attraction towards them or capacity to feel lust (or maybe they can feel lust or a sense of horniess but it would be diminished without the testosterone produced by the genitals).
They will not be able to procreate, unless a healthy supply of their seed is frozen and stored somewhere.

It's my answer to why we don't see any male CASTs that look as human as the females do.
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I bought those DLCs for DoA5, the story is just each of them met one of the DoA fighters and then they fight.
That's all.
Nothing's worthy.
Story's still focused on DOA characters.
You got a lot more VF story reading from VF Manual Books.

Still they're fun to play.
And bonus .... there are also beach suits for Sarah and Pai.

Cute beach suits are always good.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: SEGA Anime Topic - List & Streams
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 07:10:02 am »
It still exist, but very few cases :

"Bubonic plague still occurs throughout the world and in the U.S., with cases in Africa, Asia, South America and the western areas of North America.
In the U.S., most plague cases in people happen in two areas: Northern New Mexico, northern Arizona and southern Colorado, and another area involving California, southern Oregon and western Nevada."

Link :
Ah... Okay. But it's such isolated areas that surely it be the same for COVID someday.
I meant.
Why Prince?
Is it because Sonic still young?
Even the young one still could be the king.
Sonic should be the King of Video Games!

Well it's nice to see Sonic safe and sound,
after all he's been around.
I really think he should be crowned
The King of video Games.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: Shinobi: The Complete History
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 06:04:45 am »
I don't know if new generations still think Ninja is cool or not.
When I was talking to youngsters about Ninja, they always refer to Naruto.

Looking back at my detest for Naruto, I always thought Naruto was a stupid and inaccurate portrail of ninja, especially ninjas that shout on the top of their lungs or announce themselves let alone wearing colourful attractive garments.

But then again, my knowledge of ninja is how Hollywood portrait it to me. Even I know ninjas can't vanish in a cloud of smoke or turn into logs or such.
Yeah, and the funny thing ... mandates to fan favorite character, Shadow, is a lot more than Sonic.
Ian Flynn has stated that his least favorite character to write for is Shadow.
This is due to all the mandates surrounding him.
And sometimes SEGA's kinda vague too. For example :

Q : Ian, do Shadow and Rouge have any romantic feelings for each other or are they just friends?
Ian Flynn : According to Sega, neither.

It's probably back to mandates again.
It goes to show how hypocritical Sega seems to have become when it comes to these mandates. Shadow may not always get along with Sonic and his friends but he definitely has a friendship with Rouge and E-123 Omega.
I don't regard Shadow and Rouge romantically involved though. The very least perhaps they have "benefits" with their friendship but it be completely platonic, I imagine Rouge is somewhat of a gold digger (or in her case, "emerald" digger" given she's been after Knuckles family jewels for awhile.
Its a genuine remark. I prefer the Dreamcast-era item boxes over the Modern-era item boxes.
The Dreamcast-era item box has a degree of tech which is somewhat of a call back to the Classic-era item boxes which most affectionately call "monitors" due to looking like computer screens. So the degree of technology in these item boxes look good for it. And the fact the monitor is replaced with a glass capsule with a holographic display for the icon makes it easy to identify the content of the item box at most 360° angle around it.
The Modern-era item boxes just look bland and plastic to me. Like one of those gachapon capsules but with blobs of plastic on top and bottom. Looks bland, somewhat ugly, meh.
Yeah, seeing the all powerful Jimbotnik in Sonic 2 Movie was really satisfying.
Imagine if that's happened to Mr. X, Curien, Dural, or Napoleon.

They would only have one-seventh of that power but I imagine they could still do a lot with it.

In the game, Mr. X is a towering man with no boast on his strength. The way he chills in his chair on your arrival seems to be he is very confident in both his physical strength and political power. Though his posture may also indicate his finds your presence a minor nuisance.

Thing is, physical strength and confidence may not be enough to enforce enough authority to run a crime empire. Surely some of his "employers" have challenged him for the throne. Just saying if movie Mr. X had some supernatural edge over the people of Wood Oak City/Detroit, something that offers him enhanced physical skills and abilities, then that would definitely elevate his status as a crime boss. Just one-seventh of the power Dr. "Jim Carrey" Robotnik once possessed.
I wonder why they didn't release Jet and his friends in this event since it's kinda fit with th extreme gears theme.

I was hoping there would be genuine racing.
Sonic Origins SNS-exclusive special interview!

Everyone, are you enjoying Sonic Origins?🔵💨

We asked producer Nobuya Ohashi and director Katsuyuki Shigihara all sorts of questions about the game! The interview will be divided into four installments, so stay tuned for each release!
To start things off, we asked Producer Ohashi and Director Shigihara about when they first encountered Sonic, what notable memories they have from the games, and who their favorite characters are.

🗣️Producer Ohashi
When I lived in America, I could hear game music coming from my downstairs neighbor at my apartment. I didn't know which game the music belonged to, but I thought the songs sounded really nice. Later, I went to a store that had a Genesis (Mega Drive) on display that was playing the Green Hill Zone BGM, and I immediately recognized it as the song I'd heard so many times at my apartment! I bought a Genesis and Sonic on that day, and that was my first encounter with the franchise.
My favorite character is Dr. Eggman. Although he's a villain, he has a comical side to him that I find very endearing.

🗣️Director Shigihara
I first encountered Sonic when I was in elementary school. My neighbor was playing the Chemical Plant Zone stage in Sonic 2, and I remember being shocked at how unthinkably fast Sonic was moving, and I was impressed by how well my neighbor was controlling him. I have been involved with Sonic ever since joining Sega in 2010, and my first project was Sonic Colors.
My favorite game is Sonic 2 because it was the first Sonic title I laid my eyes upon, and also because I really like Tails.

Source :
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