Author Topic: Can't remember the name of that game thread; can you remember?  (Read 2552 times)

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  • Banned I was playing this game that was simular to GTA but it was on the PSX. It was isometric game; but you could also do a zoom in on the action. The city streets was crowded; with all sorts of characters. However you could do all the GTA things; including attack people; ( but it was pixels and not full 3d; graphics ).

People keep telling me it was GTA; but I look at the original GTA game and it was not the same game. It was an extremely advance game with cars, bridges, highways cities, including traffic jams.

Have any idea what game this was. The game is isometric ( at least from the view it was being played in. However it was something to behold. had radio stations; car sounds. This was being played in my local "Funcoland" a long time ago.

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