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Introduction thread! - Come and tell us who you are!

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New members, come and tell us all about yourselves!

-Hi, I'm Ryan and I'm a recovering alcoholic... (oops wrong forum!)
I mean, I'm a Sega fan! Ex-Seganerds staff and can't hold down a real job!

Lets be friends!

Hi, I'm George and I'm an ex-SEGA Nerds staffer. I was fired after they caught me stealing office supplies.

A hoy hoy! I am Waffle Ryebread, a police officer! ^.^

I used to be a Spanish ninja bodybuilder named Joe Mustachio (My friend Bentley Jones showed me how to change my name), but I gave that up after being kicked off the Muscle March team. Without the protein powder, I lost all the muscle. Now I just play SEGA games in my free time on my Megadrive that Deven Gallo overclocked.

Hi, I'm Dan

I enjoyed Sega Nerds and hated the kartel.

I'm pretty busy right now as I'm moving to an apartment on Friday but will still be able to check this site out at work until my net is up and running.

Hi, I am Autosaver.

I love dogs and wolfs. (And I love Shadiwulf because he is one! <3)


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