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Title: Poast Your Game Gear Collection
Post by: NiGHTSDrEAMS on January 13, 2018, 11:32:33 am
I have been getting into collection for Game Gear like crazy, I actually cant believe how great of a hand held system it is. So I wanna know what people out there have been collecting for this amazing system!

Here's what I have so far:

Game Gear Consoles:

- World Wide Model
- Sports Edition Model
- Majesco Model
- Light Blue Model
- Red Model
- Yellow Model
- Coca Cola Model (With Coca Cola Kid Game)
- Magic Knight Rayearth (Complete)
- Virtual Fighter Mini (Complete)
- Smoke Model (Complete)
- World Wide Model (McWill Mod)
- My prized Game Gear console: White Model (Complete)

Game Gear Games:

- Sonic The Hedgehog
- Sonic The Hedgehog 2
- Sonic Triple Trouble
- Sonic Chaos
- Sonic Blast
- Sonic Labyrinth
- Sonic Drift
- Sonic Drift 2
- Tails Adventure
- Tails Skypatrol
- Fantasy Zone
- Tempo Jr.
- Shinobi
- Shinboi II
- World Series Baseball
- Virtual Fighter Animation
- Defenders of Oasis
- Shining Force The Sword of Hajya
- Wonder Boy
- Ax Battler A Legend of Golden Axe
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
- X-Men
- Super Star Wars Return of The Jedi 

Game Gear Accessories:

- Car Adapter
- Game Gear Battery Pack
- Game Genie (Game Gear)
- Master Gear Converter
- Super Wide Gear
- Handy Gear
- T.V. Tuner