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A Closer Look of the Special Costumes

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More fun Sega stuff for the game!
General Gaming Discussion / Re: Golden Axe - Official Thread
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 03:24:52 pm »
That's ... actually more fitting.
Yeah, royals don't have to mean they live in a castle and such.
Especially if it's a small kingdom.
It could be just a normal house but with large yards and guarded by lot of warriors.
And yeah, don't take away the barbarian-theme, it's what makes Golden Axe so memorable.
Yep. It's games like Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe and Golden Axe: The Duel that lost this meaning when they made them generic fantasy games.

If we ever get a Golden Axe reboot, it needs a strict aesthetic. The words being "Sword and Sorcery", "Barbarian", "Hyborian Age", "Antlantic Bronze Age Europe" as well as "Nordic Bronze Age".

I may sound like a know-it-all on what should make a Golden Axe game, but truth be told, I don't really know much on Bronze Age. I only know so much on how people live back then... then there was the collapse and that's it.

You'd think with how mysterious, primitive yet n a way humble Bronze Age was that there would-be more fantasy movies themed on this time. But almost all fantasy movies I come across seem to favour a late-medieval aesthetic instead.

It's why I'm hankering for more Conan the Barbarian and Golden Axe content.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: Yuri Games in Nintendo Switch
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 02:59:12 pm »
That's not limited to golf, any games can be boring.
Sure, but golf was made to be boring.
Know any other games more boring than golf?
That's actually kinda fit with Spider theme since spiders are also thought to symbolise anxiety or protection.
Peter oftenly got anxiety moment but his desire to protect others are really strong that he overcame his anxiety.
If I were to ever make my own take/AU on Peter Parker, I like to imagine he formerly suffered from panic attacks often, but after being bitten by the spider his brain reprogrammed his panic attacks to only happen when he is in immediate danger, thus spider-senses
All of the covers by Jack Lawrence & Reggie Graham for IDW’s Endless Summer are here and connected!

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I didn't know D&D cartoon was still a thing?

Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit Fan Game is now out on Android and Mac OS!
Also a new update for PC players!

Download here :
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So... did Sega made this legit or something?
Well, if you boat in internet, you could always find comparisons.

One that's slower than you

or that's faster than you

But I think SSS should have online leaderboard for this. Or does it have already?
No leaderboard that I am aware of. The 1 minute guy takes the same route I took but I'm curious how they use boosting to go faster while spinning. I figured boosting was a fixed speed while spin rolling down hill applies faster momentum.
I think she'll still thicc, but a bit shorter so that her height are same with Sonic's, Knuckles', and Tails'.
While she'll retain her figures, she probably uses 'unrevealing' clothes though.
Probably one like Sonic Prime's.

As long as she has proper lady-meat on her body.

For some reason, Family-Teen entertainment regards women who are a degree voluptuous as "inappropriate" and that they should be slim in figure.

I think this is actually a very poor message to convey to today's young audience, and that it promotes body-shaming. Some peoples either can't help it or choose to be "too fat" or "too skinny" and the same can go to voluptuous women as well. It's not like Rouge the Bat behaves inappropriately (at least her seductive behaviour is mild and sometimes) so her body shouldn't have to be changed.

At leats, that's my opinion on the matter.
HarleQuest! (SEGA Dreamcast) - May 2023 Update

"Part of the focus this month was the cutscene system which allows us to make cutscenes in Blender and export them to run in-engine.
I was able to make a good start on this system but we weren't able to hit the milestone due to the investigations into the GDEMU/MODE issue outlined above, and also the time taken to set up and test the Switch devkit.
Due to this I've pushed back the milestone date by a week to give us time to finish things up.
Here's a quick ... "

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Samba de Amigo: Party Central - A Closer Look of the Special Costumes

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Samba de Amigo: Party Central - A Closer Look of the Special Costumes

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