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One-Punch Man is the new saviour of anime and everything



Just thought you all should know. Going by the first episode this is a 10/10 adaptation of the manga.

The new Lupin III anime is also pretty good.

Eventhough I enjoy its manga version and bought them regularly, I still don't like the anime version.
Dunno why.

There's a charm in the manga version that's gone in the anime version.
May be the art isn't as detailed as in the manga or may be because I already knew the story when watching the anime, I'm not sure myself.
Same's happened with Negima, Attack on Titans, and U.Q. Holder.

Volteccer Pulseman:
The difference between the manga and the anime to me is the manga was structured with large panels and short dialogue that complimented the fast paced action.  The anime on the other hand tends to drag things out a bit.  It definetely goes for a more cinematic approach, but for One Punch Man, I feel it should hit hard and fast.  The humor is dead on, Saitama is seemingly bored out of his mind and only concerned with personal problems.  Then again if you had the kind of power he does, you'd go out of you way just to make small things seem more interesting and exciting than they actually are.  This makes him selfish, but relatable to the audience.  Saitama is probably the most relatable character in shonen yet.  Then you have his opposite, Genos.  I love how Genos is serious when telling his needlessly long backstory and Saitama just zones out.  It shows a common trope in shonen anime especially these days.  There were times when I was reading Naruto or Bleach in later chapters where I really wish the overly long exposition would end just so the characters could fight.  Yes I understand there needs to be some sort of context as to why they fight, but Naruto came up with some terrible backstories to later villains and Bleach outright stopped giving a flip altogether.  One Piece at least comes up with very imaginitive stories, but always falls into the same formula in every single arc.  As Saitama puts it, shorten it to 20 words or less.  A backstory should be easy to summarize for motivation of the character.  Since it's a battle manga and fairly early in the series, it's even moreso important.  Something else I have to point out is that this is one of two superhero based shonen series from shonen jump, the other being My Hero Academia.  But the major difference is that in One Punch Man, you have a character who is already like a god who battles aliens and monsters way bigger than him yet he is troubled by his never ending mission to face a worthy opponent.  Like Superman if Superman was more than just 1 dimensional.  Deku on the other hand is still trying to become like All Might despite having his powers already.  Though he does train and earn the right to use it.  Saitama according to him just worked hard tirelessly until he lost all his hair and could kill everything in one punch.  Deku is more the underdog Naruto type of story, a kid who wants to earn everyone's appreciation and respect and be a hero.  Ever read/see Naruto?  You've already read/seen My Hero Academia to a certain extent.  One Punch Man however is a fully unique and entertaining experience.  It's comical and action packed and it doesn't waste too much of your time.  The DVD set is a bit pricey given the number of episodes though. 


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Just thought you all should know. Going by the first episode this is a 10/10 adaptation of the manga.

The new Lupin III anime is also pretty good.

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I can't watch the video.


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Here's the alternative link :


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