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What will happen to Sega Europe?

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Mystic Monkey:
As a Brit, I don't want to bum this forum out with depressing political stuff like Brexit and Article 13. But I can't help but wonder what will happen to Sega Europe in the future?
If UK will no longer be part of EU, will they rename themselves to "Sega UK"? That be kinda cool. Or will they have to move south a few countries in order to continue their business in Europe? (If they do, I hope they at least leave a UK division behind.)
With how screwy my country is I wouldn't really call myself all that "patriotic" but it brings me some pride that Sega lay down some roots here. I just want to know if they'll be uprooting or not.

Barry the Nomad:
They might have to move to another country, wouldn't they?

The United Kingdom is still part of the European continent, so SEGA Europe would not need to change its name, nor will it be prevented from doing business with the rest of the continent.

Mystic Monkey:
Thats comforting. I know unlikely of me to ever visit Sega Europe let alone them letting me in for whatever reason, just nice knowing we got a bit of Sega here in UK.

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