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Emmett The Crab:
Is someone going to fix the podcast episode?  There's no download link, and it wasn't categorized as a podcast when it was posted.  I've adapted to the fact that you're not sending them to iTunes, but I can't really listen to a youtube video in my car over the course of a week.  When I quit it won't remember where I was at, and it eats up data to stream a video when I'm outside of a wifi network.

Happy Cat:
well since no one else has ever replied to this, I will.

George has talked about hosting the podcast on a website that specializes in podcast and itunes, since itunes hates us so much.

We'll let you know when we have more info on this.

as for the current podcast link, that's something you'll need to talk to George about. I don't think the MP3 is even uploaded on the server at the moment. So i don't have access to it, otherwise I'd post a link here in the thread.

Emmett The Crab:
Thanks.  It's not practical for me (and probably some others too) to listen to it all in one sitting at the computer.

Barry the Nomad:
While I didn't have the original MP3, I ripped the YouTube audio, saved it out as an MP3, uploaded it to the site and added a Download link to the original post. Should be there now. :)

Emmett The Crab:
Downloading now, thanks Barry.


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