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So the site just made a Facebook noise at me...


I had the tab open while I was doing other stuff, and I heard the like, noise Facebook makes when you have a message or someone comments on your status. I didn't, nor do I now, have Facebook open, and when i looked through, Chrome told me the sound came from the Segabits tab. I thought it may have meant a new article had posted, but that wasn't the case, nor had the forums seem to have updated.

I was wondering if that's supposed to happen or if I'm being haunted by my Facebook...

Barry the Nomad:
I can explain that. Kori had a live stream going and the news post was set to auto play. While he was setting up, I was IMing his facebook which was piping the audio through the stream. So what you heard were my IMs to Kori on Facebook. lol


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