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Many times we want to play videogames, but have no idea what to play.

Every week there could be a blog post about a Sega game, and be the recommended game of the week. Throughout the week, everyone would comment on the forums about the game in question and share experiences.

There could be an ongoing thread with suggestions from users for Game of the Week, and the picked suggestion would be guest (co-)written by the user himself (just a thought..)

I think it would be engaging.

Something similar that SEGANerds does with their "SEGA game of the month"?, doesnt this site do that already?.

Anyway, i havent play this game, but one that looks really cool, is Warhammer 40000: Space marine:

I dont know much about it, but since SEGA bought RELIC, all their games passed to the SEGA steam store. "Space marine" is one of them, is basically for what i have seen, a hack and slash in the warhammer universe, and reviews were positive.
The game also is for PS3 and X360.

Barry the Nomad:
Hey crackdude, interesting ideas!

Given George and I are currently doing the developer months and theme weeks, additional weekly blog posts for a game of the month could be a bit much. But I am totally for the idea of a game of the month/week on the forums - and it doesn't necessarily need to be tied to the overriding theme months/weeks.

If enough forum members are up for it, we could give it a shot. Would you or another forum member want to take the lead? My thought was somebody chooses a game, that game is the week/month's game, members play it that week (or they simply would have had to have played it in the past) and share their thoughts on it in a dedicated thread. Then the following week/month another member picks a game. Thoughts?

I think it's a good idea.. I can develop it further and make a thread then :)

Barry the Nomad:
Sounds good! Feel free to PM me with ideas, and once a thread is made I can always update the thread title with the game of the moment


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