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Did we just get a mobile version?

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What is this?

Barry the Nomad:
Via Will in the off topic forum (should have been posted here, but we can just treat this as the official announcement thread):

--- Quote from: Happy Cat on May 03, 2015, 03:20:46 pm ---SMF released an update to make their default theme responsive. I installed the mod and it didn't work well at all on our theme since I have tweaked it a lot over the years. but since all the heavy work was taken care of by SMF, i went in and tweaked things manually.

Some things are still a bit buggy, but it beats having to pinch and zoom on the desktop layout.

Of course, if you like tapatalk, then you can keep using that for now.

We are looking at different forum software and plan to switch sometime this year, so this is only a temporary mobile layout.

--- End quote ---

Happy Cat:
I didn't think it was a major enough thing to make an announcement about. I don't mind either way. Everything is cool.

I've just now disabled the tapatalk splash screen that used to show up when viewing the forums on a mobile device. Or at least it shouldn't show up anymore. You can still use tapatalk though.

Lovin it Will. Kudos

Happy Cat:

--- Quote from: CrazyT on May 04, 2015, 05:29:35 am ---Lovin it Will. Kudos

--- End quote ---
That is great to hear. I wasn't a fan of tapatalk so I would just browse the desktop layout on my phone. Was certainly a pain. Now I'm posting from my phone on the way home with ease. I didn't like how tapatalk ate up data and battery life by running constantly even when I had it closed.


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