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List of 2024 Homebrew Games on SEGA Console (Genesis, Dreamcast, SMS, etc)

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Added Mythdragon for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

--- Quote ---An arcade-style game combining things that are fun like:

A giant dragon/worm
A dreamlike atmosphere
The objective is to collect as many skulls as you can. You can't collect them while they're on fire, so you'll have to bop them with an arrow first.

Also, you only have three arrows. Don't forget to pick them back up.

To pull back the bow, hold A or C. Press left or right to change the shot's direction. Release A or C to fire (or press B to cancel).
To dash, press B.

This is a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive rom. It should work on ...
--- End quote ---

Download the game here :

Added Pitman 2 for SEGA Master System

--- Quote ---Get the physical game for 25 euro + shipping.
--- End quote ---

Contact here to get the game:

Added Soccer Brawl (Neo Geo port) for SEGA Dreamcast

--- Quote ---Ian Micheal :"GAME IS GREAT!!
Very much a match for 2020 baseball with powerups
and robots holding button does your super moves
Here is the video full 60fps vga capture on hardware"
--- End quote ---

Download the game here :

Added Dr. Sukebe X-boobs for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

--- Quote ---A developer SegaMark has developed a new game “Dr. Sukebe x-boobs" which is a port of the game from j2me mobile phones to a 16-bit console Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. The port is notable for the fact that this is the first (and possibly the last) game that is written in pure Java using the Java Grinder. At the moment the game is implemented as originally intended, perhaps in the future there will be some improvements or cosmetic changes. The port is slightly different from the original; it does not have a menu; the start button is used to switch between game elements. Completing the entire game can take you about 2 minutes; the game is more intended to demonstrate the capabilities of the engine and to prove that you can create games for SMD in Java.

→ ← ↓ ↑ - move the cursor
A - press cursor
B - hide cursor
START - move to the next slide

You can ...
--- End quote ---

Download the rom here :

Added Saturn Wordle for SEGA Saturn

--- Quote ---This game exclusively uses the Saturn Keyboard.
All other types of controllers are unsupported and ignored.
The game ends either when you make 6 guesses, or guess correctly, whichever comes first. A correct guess is indicated by 6 letters with a green highlight.
You may (re)start a new game (with a new psuedo-randomly-selected word that varies each time you restart the game) by pressing the Escape key.
After your first playthrough, it is recommended that you press the Escape key at least once before you begin playing, as this action will seed the random number generator (hopefully giving you a word you have not seen before).
To guess a word, type the word using the letter keys of ...

--- End quote ---

Link :


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