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Yep, five.

Ah I get it. And the upcoming Like A Dragon: Yakuza movie will be a reboot of Ryu Ga Gotoku / Yakuza: Like a Dragon?
Sonic Speed Simulator - Summer Wave Vs. Summer Amy?

Y'know, I'm glad they altered her sandals to cover up her ugly mobian feet.
Steam might want it but the former console maker (whose games are being emulated) might NOT want it.
*Bangs my head on the table*
I meant to say Sega, not steam.
"If Sega wants, they can start their own digital distribution service while still marketing their games multiplatform."
They should've use "Alex Kidd in Shinobi World" approach instead.
A parody of existing SEGA franchises.

If Alex Kidd was a thriving franchise today, what do you think his games would be like today?
General Gaming Discussion / Re: SEGA Anime Topic - List & Streams
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 08:11:16 am »
Yeah, that's more the decision from SEGA I think since other publisher already started to have PC version of their mobile games.
Dunno why.
And turned out, Last Cloudia have a Steam version too.

Well, it was too late though since the Sonic colab is over.
I already secured all the three Sonic characters to be playable but new players wouldn't be able to get them.
My guess mobile games are more profitable.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: SEGA-Related Comics and Mangas
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 08:09:12 am »
Guess who's the one that's gonna wear it.
Definitely NOT Infinite though since Ian said SEGA wouldn't let the writers use him in comic.

They'll probably expy Infinite like they did with Black Doom with Black Death.

Maybe call them something even cheesier like Omni.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: Golden Axe - Official Thread
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on Today at 08:04:42 am »
I never play that game. It has no console version and couldn't be played in Steam Deck.
It's a VR game. Can only be played in VR. I play it, just wish it had more Sega flavour to it. Golden Axe would certain fit into the aesthetic of the game.
Added Drifting' Rage for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

This is a short video showing the progress of my new game.
It is a love letter to the great racing classics of the 16-bit era and, of course, also running on a 16-bit console.
There is much more to come!

Watch the gameplay video here :
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble - Update 1.10 is Out Now!

📜 Update Notes 📜

We're releasing Update 1.10 with many game improvements, including:

☁️ New Race stage - Sky Highway
🌀 Sonic stat increase
🌟 Game stability improvements

Source :
General Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star - Official Thread
« Last post by Berto on Today at 01:18:08 am »
PSO2 is kind of like the girl who celebrates her birthday all month long and makes it everyone's business! 🥳

We're not complaining though, because this 12th Anniversary celebratory illustration by artist Mana makes our day! 🎉
How are you celebrating 12 years of PSO2? 🐤

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