Author Topic: The House of the Dead was originally suppose to be a "ghost" shooter  (Read 5170 times)

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You guys may have read my interview with Takashi Oda about this saying that the player had to face against ghosts and Sophie (the first game's damsel in distress) was suppose to be a villan in the sequel, but the concept was deleted. I actually have the House of the Dead Dr. Curien's Report book from Japan that has the behind the scene interview with the AM1 staff that worked on the game, but not fully translated yet. What are your thoughts on this? ~ The House of the Dead Unofficial fan site

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Re: The House of the Dead was originally suppose to be a "ghost" shooter
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 10:04:05 pm »
The fact that "ghosts" were the original concept for THOTD is clearly evident, even in the game's final build. What I mean by that is that the enemies are not, and have never been, true zombies. In fact, hotd is more like house of the Frankenstein, as many enemies are actually monsters. Making Sophie the villain at the end would have been an interesting circular story arc (not that it was heavy on story lol)