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List of 2023 Games on SEGA Console (Genesis, Dreamcast, Game Gear, etc)

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--- Quote from: billybob884 on April 12, 2024, 09:23:25 pm ---Gotcha no worries. Well if you do want to start tracking them, here's a list of all the ones I know about:

Today (by freezedream)
Released: 2 Dec 2010
A chiptune album from Austrailian artist "freezedream", made using repurposed cartridges

Eternalist: A Telefuture Compilation (by Telefuture)
Released: Aug 2014
A compilation album of songs from 11 artists, released on cartridge. It was only given to backers for Telefuture's "Kickstart the Future" Kickstarter campaign ($70 reward) - with only 7 of 25 claimed (defunct)
Note: I'm not sure this ever saw physical production, I've never been able to find a picture of one

YM2017 (by Catskull Electronics)
Original released: Jul 2017
A compilation music album with custom dot matrix VMU in a transparent cartridge. (defunct)

Re-release: Nov 2021
Rerelease cartridge with no dot-matrix in cartridge

Future 2612 (by TH4 D34D)
Released: Jan 2018 (defunct)

Technoptimistic (by Remute)
Originally released: Mar 2019
A chiptune album from the artist "Remute", with one music video ("Red Eyes"); Standard edition comes loose (green cart), or Limited edition comes in a box with a white cart

Re-release: 6 Feb 2023
Rereleaese by Strictly Limited Games; boxed green cart with yellow label

Tanglewood OST (Big Evil Corporation)
Released: Dec 2019
Soundtrack of the game Tanglewood, comes in an orange cartridge shell

Analogue and Hyperdub Present: Konsolation (by Hyperdub)
Released: Dec 2019
A music cartridge compilation of 11 artists from London electronic music label Hyperdub. Limited 1000-copy run, loose cartridge bundled with the Analog Mega Sg for Hyperdub's 15th anniversary. Comes in a smoky black transparent cartridge

mikeyeldey: the album (by Michael Elder)
Originally released: 7 May 2021
Loose black cartridge - 1st edition, limited 10-copy release

Re-release: 14 May 2021
Boxed pink transparent cart - rerelease, limited 20-copy re-release

YM2020 (by Catskull Electronics)
Released: Nov 2021

mikeyeldey95 (by Michael Elder)
Released: 20 May 2022
Standard edition is a gray cartridge, limited 100-copy release
Deluxe edition is a transparent purple cartridge with CD and squishy 3D head display piece, limited 10-copy release

Opeth Music Collection (by FlosK)
Released: Aug 2022
Limited 5-copy release

Decoder (by Remute)
Released: 4 Apr 2023
A chiptune album from the artist "Remute"

There was one more, but I'm not sure it was ever printed/sold:

BlowFish (by Jredd)
Released: Dec 2014
Coded by Sigflup and Kulibus1 as a demo for Datastorm 2014, featuring artwork from ZanaGB and Sigflup, and assisted by Bonefish and Linde, this album contains five tracks

--- End quote ---

Holy macarony, there are so many.
I probably only remember half of them.
Thanks billybob, I'm gonna need more time to check them out and add them.  :-D


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