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List of 2023 Games on SEGA Console (Genesis, Dreamcast, Game Gear, etc)

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Mystic Monkey:

--- Quote from: Berto on January 01, 2023, 10:17:31 pm ---Happy New Year Mystic Monkey!
Also ...  It's been months but I still don't how to call you.. Calling you just "Monkey" feels weird...

--- End quote ---
I don't mind either way. Monkey, Mystic, Mystic Monkey, that limey git, it's all good.

Added 40 exclusive games from Master System Evolution

--- Quote ---Master System Evolution dumped !
Galactic Protector and Woody Pop only work on Emulicious, others exclusives only work on MEKA, Gearsystem, Fusion.
Thread :
--- End quote ---

Download the roms here :

Added DEBUG INDIE SAMPLER #1 for SEGA Dreamcast

--- Quote ---This special Limited Edition (2500 copies) disc is completely free.
Featuring fully playable demos of Intrepid Izzy, Xenocider, and a special online version of Driving Strikers.
Bust out that modem (or BBA) and get dialling!
--- End quote ---

Link :

Fullset ROM Hack Master System Evolution to SEGA Master System v0.99

--- Quote ---Fullset ROM MS Evolution to SMS v0.99

Every exclusive ROM from the Master System Evolution have been hacked to work on Emulicious & real hardware SMS1 & SMS2.
Games using the extended resolution only work on SMS2. Still some glitch.

--- End quote ---

Download them here :


--- Quote from: Berto on January 01, 2023, 02:16:25 am ---

TBA 2023 - Reknum - The Cursed Sword


--- End quote ---
FYI these are two separate games, "Reknum - The Cursed Sword" and "Reknum - Fantasy of Dreams"


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