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Title: 2020 Elections
Post by: Superglue on January 11, 2019, 01:08:54 am
Who do you think will win the elections in 2020? I know it's a good bit of time from now, but it's very fun to speculate. I have the following prediction:


Andrew Barr barely wins another term against Alistair Coe.


Pablo Iglesias wins against Pedro Sánchez.

United Kingdom:

Queen Elizabeth II has died and Prince Charles is now king. England selects Jeremy Corbyn to be the new prime minister. The Palace of Westminster is destroyed.

United States:

Very hard to tell. Older people like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren would lose the general election and perform very poorly.
Title: Re: 2020 Elections
Post by: Volteccer Pulseman on May 28, 2019, 01:08:08 pm
Well there's:
Dick Butt
Deez Nutz
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Attack Helicopter
Pedro (because who wouldn't vote 4 him?  :) )