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Title: Sega IPs Going Forward
Post by: ScaleTipping on October 25, 2019, 11:56:57 pm
So Sega seems intent on reviving their old IPs, which as a Sega fan I couldn't be happier, and are doing so through a variety of channels.  We have things like sequels to Wonder Boy and Streets of Rage being developed by indie studios, remakes by outside studios such as the Panzer Dragoon/Zwei remakes, and Sega's own efforts in reviving old IPs such as Sakura Wars.  And, of course, we just got word that Sega and Atlus are working on a brand new IP, which frankly has me foaming at the mouth since I love Atlus style RPGs and giving them that Sega twist just sounds delectable. 

Of course this still raises the question of the fates of those IPs still in limbo.  I wouldn't be surprised if, in the near future, we saw some re-releases for things like Billy Hatcher, Nights Journey of Dreams, Jet Set Radio Future (assuming they can figure out the licensing shenanigans), etc etc.  Probably just going to throw whatever they can at people to see what's worth investing money into for future projects. 

Of course that's all just speculation, but it seems a logical enough leap, no?
Title: Re: Sega IPs Going Forward
Post by: OriginalName on October 26, 2019, 07:27:52 am
For sure! I'd love to see Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, and arcade-perfect OutRun 2 (with Ferrari licenses as optional add-on DLC to future-proof the release) finally re-released on more accessible hardware. Truth be told, I'd be kind of excited to finally sell off that hulking lug of a console. "The Typing" or "The Texting" conversions for the whole The House of the Dead series would be amazing, too.

For full, new entries in classic IP franchises, I think a new Virtua Fighter is a risk the company has to take. eSports, fighting games in particular, are HUGE. There's a chance Virtua Fighter is too obtuse for a lot of gamers, but I could imagine that some of the most seasoned fighting game fanatics would be excited to sink their teeth into a fighting game with such absurd depth. Could be seen as the come-all-be-all of fighting games for competitive gamers. Personally, I just want to play a new Virtua Fighter on Steam with a Sega Saturn pad.

I think that Fantasy Zone is one of the few franchises that could be adapted to the modern grind-for-upgrades/pay-real-money-for-them model without it seeming cynical and out of place.

A real Shining Force is one of those options that's been on the table for Sega since the Dreamcast but they just never took it. Valkyria Chronicles and Sakura Wars are in a similar mold... can't help but think that those teams would be able to pull it off.

Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has a lot of former Smilebit/Andromeda staff. If they really wanted to wow everyone with a big, new game, I think that an open-world, Saga-inspired game in the Panzer Dragoon universe built off of the new Yakuza engine could honestly do really well even with people unfamiliar with the franchise. It's a kind of world that hasn't been portrayed since Morrowind -- and it's just so visually interesting, full of intrigue, and begging to be explored. Add that brilliant combat system and I think you've got a winner.
Title: Re: Sega IPs Going Forward
Post by: ScaleTipping on October 26, 2019, 09:02:47 pm
Virtua Fighter is almost perfect for the E-sports scene, though it's not a series I have much personal experience with it's definitely one I can imagine finding a super dedicated group of people getting into it.  And honestly, I think just for the smooth and fluid fighting that top level VF has, based on what I've seen, makes it a lot of fun to watch.  Though maybe that's just me.  Also releasing a Sega Saturn controller that's compatible with modern consoles sounds phenomenal.  Nintendo already has gamecube style pro controllers for the switch, so Sega making something third party sounds simple enough. 

Yeah the original Fantasy Zone games already have a mobile game feel to them, in the best possible way.  It would be an easy fit into that model and would probably attract a fair few casual player and old school Sega fans alike.  Plus Sega Heroes gives me at least a little confidence it's not going to totally scam players, even if they game does have some questionable monetization.

Sakura Wars is getting a revival (as an action game but I digress), Fire Emblem is at its absolute biggest it's ever been, Valkyria Chronicles has been doing well, and the Switch seems well fit for strategy games.  We've not had a better time for a Shining Force game in years.  If we can get that and Advance Wars back we'll have a full 90's/early 2000's strategy resurgence on our hands.  Hell, if they wanted they could even work the dating sim mechanics in there alongside the strategy stuff.  I know that's not ideal for some people, but as long as the strategy gameplay is good and the main focus and that's what it takes to keep sales up so we get more... I can't imagine it being too big a deal.  Especially if they get the Sakura Wars people on it.

I have never considered the concept of a Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio developed Panzer Dragoon RPG before but now that I have... I think I'm drooling a little.
Real talk that is the best idea I've heard in regards to reviving PD.  Hell between the success of games like the Witcher 3 and the hole left in the market by Bethesda's recent foibles this is kind of a great time to release a massive open world RPG.  What's more, despite my limited experience with the series, Panzer Dragoon has such a cool and unique world as far as fantasy worlds go that it would easily cut out an identity to separate it from the crowd.  Add that with dragon mounted shooting and you could have a completely unforgettable experience.  Like imagine ridding across a vast landscape atop a dragon, notice a town being attacked, swoop down and getting into an aerial battle with some monsters.  Land in the town and they tell you about a cave full of the monsters and you have to go there on foot and... well you get the picture.  God damn I wish I'd thought of that.

I think that new Yakuza engine could also be fitted into a new Jet Set Radio if allowed.  Admittedly similar games aren't exactly huge right now, but I think that might be to the series benefit, it can be a unique experience amidst the current gaming landscape.