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Quantum Science, God and Light... (My thoughts!)
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:39:40 pm »
Quantum Science, God and Light... (My thoughts!)
HOW GOD COULD EXIST - By someone who doesn't believe in god.

As most if you may know, I'm not a believer in religion in fact it's fair to say I believe it is one of the biggest problems with the world today.

I'm not inclined to believe in a 'god' I'm someone that has to see evidence of something before I'll put any stock in it. (Much to my late grandmothers’ dismay!)

But, at the same time I don't so blindly follow the Scientifics every word that I don't believe in the possibility of something after dead. After all science fact is in constant flux. What they believed 100 years ago is madness today and in 100 years we'll know a thousand times more again and will have thrown out much of todays theories.

So here is my explanation of how there could be a 'god’ in a sense, with out pulling anything out of the bag that cannot be explained by science to a degree.


It is a recent discovery that, (as mad as it may sound) Light makes up pretty much everything we experience. We see light as a wave but it is also a particle. If you shoot particles fast enough and observe them they appear as photon (light) waves... That means everything around you is made up of a form of light.

Light Wave/Particle duality explained: ... le_duality

But what might even be more amazing is that, light waves actually change when being observed. This does not mean that your eyes are changing what you see or that your brain is observing it differently from what is there. This is the light itself changing when it is being observed by a conscious mind. (This is on a quantum level, not something you could just see in everyday life.)

What does this mean if true? Nobody knows exactly but this could means that there is something outside of the human mind which controls light a possible consciousness and if light is everything does that mean there is a consciousness that controls everything?

Other interesting things about light quite recently discovered that arent strictly on topic but are still cool.

- The power of light is infinite ... /index.php

-All matter is light (as stated above)

-It is impossible for anything with mass to reach the speed of light but if you could, time does not exist beyond the speed of light.

-Human observation changes light into particles to experience reality.

-No matter who or how you observe it the direction you travel or the speed you travel at, the speed of light is constantly the same.

Light from a moving source has the same velocity as light from a stationary source. For example, beams of light from a lighthouse, from a speeding car's headlights and from the lights on a supersonic jet all travel at a constant rate as measured by all observers—despite differences in how fast the sources of these beams move. ... nstant.php

Back on topic!

Now, if light reacts to us observing it, if it turns from waves of light to hard particles (everything we see around us) when being observed (remember it does it itself not our eyes.) What does this mean when say; nobody is in a room to observe it? The chaos theory suggest that it simply doesn’t exist as anything ‘hard’ it’s all just shapeless light photons. Of course we are not used to that theory so the initial reaction is to go… lol bullshit. But if you really think about it, there evidence is there to suggest that might actually be the case.

But this creates a strange catch 22. This means that, our reality exists because we are observing it. So are we living in this universe or is this universe created because we are living. If nothing observed it, would it exist? ... R9474&I=-3

So, if I haven’t lost you so far and you haven’t already taken the easy ‘lol bullshit’ option and walked away.

The question is what the fuck are we?! Why does all this happen?
Well that’s kind of impossible to say, but a theory is that light in a sense is ‘god’… Not a god in the way people imagine it at all. There is no guy up there waiting to judge us. But until there is another explaination it appears that light makes everything and light has a consciousness of sorts.

Another uncomfortable truth that scientists don’t like to talk about is the proven existence of out of body experiences.

Using the scientific method, near-death experiences have been proven to be a real scientific phenomenon because they are reproducible. Near-death experiences were first shown to be reproducible during studies involving the subjection of fighter pilots to extreme gravitational forces in a giant centrifuge.

But the question is not, "Are near-death experiences real?" Even skeptics now concede that it is a real phenomenon. The question to ask is, "Are near-death experiences a phenomenon of a person's consciousness being outside of their body?" And if this can be proven true, then the next question is, "Can consciousness survive bodily death?"

The final question probably can never be proven true or false, you’ll just have to find out when you’re dead. Lolz.

What is interesting, but by no means ‘proven’ is that in near death experiences (When you are clinically brain dead and there is nothing at all going on in your mind.) 18% of people can report ‘out of body experiences’. This includes hovering above their bodies and in many cases explaining in detail what went on around them.

They also, all seem to report similar events of feeling drawn towards a very hard to describe ‘light’ a light which feels ‘good’ and ‘loving’… Well isn’t that a pip!

So there is my 'how god could exist from someone who doesn't believe in god'.
I hope you enjoyed it!

Please discuss!
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