Author Topic: AMS TOP SECRET: The House of the Dead III Secret Files (Storyboards/Concepts/Art  (Read 8091 times)

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Attention AMS Agents, these are top secret confidential files from the government containing character biographies, creature files, concepts, storyboards, official artwork from The House of the Dead III. Remember... this is top secret within the AMS.

Lol, just kidding. My House of the Dead III Perfect Guide from Japan came in the post office yesterday and went to pick it up. I wanted to bring up some productivity to my site and the HOTD Sega forums with some more juicy House of the Dead III stuff. Take a glimpse inside the book and check out the secret files containing concepts and storyboards of the House of the Dead III. (There a little blurry.)

Found some interesting things about the game developments:
- The storyboard of the very first cutscene in Chapter 0 Reminiscence where ex-AMS agent Thomas Rogan, Dan Taylor, and a AMS Commando running away from the vile creatures before he met his end.
- Character concepts drafts of Lisa Rogan, G, Thomas Rogan, Daniel Curien, and Dr. Curien.
- A contest winner of some sort (I remember reading somewhere Sega held a House of the Dead III contest) was included in the game as one of the creatures.
- Ex Sega AM1 employee, Rikiya Nakagawa on the set of the ill-fated House of the Dead movie.
- A full render of the "Mystery Man"
- Boss and creatures concepts (The Wheel of Fate has a different design similar to Tyrant from the Resident Evil series.

Plan to scan the pictures this week on The Website of the Dead. What are your take on this? ~ The House of the Dead Unofficial fan site

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Very cool!  The more I see this kind of stuff the more I want to learn to read moon runes.